Mary Ryan Hurst has been creating and selling her original jewelry to stores and galleries for over nine years. She was born and raised in County Tipperary, Ireland. Although she has lived in the United States for years, Mary returns to Ireland every year to visit her family and to get inspiration for her jewelry designs. She now lives in Portland, Oregon with her husband and a bossy cat!

Mary studied dress design and incorporates her love of fashion into each piece of jewelry she creates. Her collection consists of one-of-a-kind and limited editions.

The Contemporary Jewelry is a collection of wearable earrings, necklaces and bracelets that have proven to be very popular and highly collectible. The jewelry is curated and designed to flatter all body types and can be layered to achieve a highly individual look.

Mary’s Celtic Jewelry harks back to ancient traditions but is designed for today. Since each necklace is original, each one takes on a distinct personality and the naming process is almost mystical. According to the artist, “The names I choose for my jewelry becomes an integral part of each piece and the spirit of the name becomes a part of the wearing experience. I send a piece of my culture, my heart and my soul out with each piece of jewelry.”

The Antique Watch Fob jewelry is created from chains, locket and watch fobs that are Victorian or Edwardian. Each necklace is named after a literary heroine or novelist. All items are one-of-a-kind and many pieces are engraved with the original owner’s initials, some lockets still contain old photographs.

Mary welcomes commissions for weddings and special events.